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Things You Can't Miss on your Trip to New Orleans

I took a trip to New Orleans last May to celebrate my graduate school graduation! This was my first time in New Orleans and while we did some research before the trip, some of the places we ate / did were simply just things we came across while we were there. This is my list of food, activities, bars, sights, etc. you can't miss in New Orleans!


Po' Boys: A Po' Boy is a sandwich native to Louisiana, consisting of meat or fish of some kind served in a fluffy roll. These sandwiches got their name because they were the perfect large sandwich to feed hungry strikers during the early 1900's. As a striker would come to buy a sandwich, they would yell "Here comes another poor boy" and thus, the sandwich became known as poor boys eventually turning into just po' boy. There are so many places throughout the city that sell po' boys, however we specifically ate at Nola Poboys located at 908 Bourbon St. This place also sold classic New Orleans red beans and rice which is another recommendation!

Beignets: Probably the most famous food New Orleans is known for, and rightfully so! Beignets are another thing that can be found all over the city. Beignets were originally brought to New Orlean by Acadians and were originally fried fritters, however have now transformed into a fried square piece of dough covered in powdered sugar and are typically served in orders of three. Arguably the best and probably most well known beignets are those from Cafe Du Mond. There are currently eleven Cafe Du Mond locations throughout the city of New Orleans. I specifically went to the Cafe Du Mond- City Park located at 56 Dreyfous Dr. I also tried beignets at Cafe Beignet and loved them as well!

Pere Antoine Restaurant & Bar: A Restaurant in New Orleans known for Louisiana Cajun and classic Creole cuisine. I ordered the Chicken Breast Sandwich made with fried chicken! They serve breakfast all day, lunch and dinner. This restaurant is located at 741 Royal St.

Lula Restaurant and Distillery: By far my favorite place we ate this whole trip! The food was absolutely amazing!! This restaurant is described as a "stylish, rustic micro-distillery & southern eatery serving classic plates & house-distilled spirits" The drink options here were also amazing! I once again got a fried chicken sandwich (I don't eat any other meat besides chicken so this was a reoccurring dish for me this trip haha) and this one specifically had cheddar cheese, molasses, and fig sauce and it was absolutely delicious! If I could recommend one restaurant you have to eat at, it would be this one! Lula's is located at 1532 St Charles Ave.

Felipe's Taqueria: A great spot if you like Mexican food! Felipe's is a made-to-order Mexican food & Latin cocktail spot. This is a casual eatery but the food was great! I got chicken tacos with onions, lettuce and guacamole. Felipe's is located at 301 N Peters St.


Swamp Tour: This was my all time favorite thing we did this entire trip! There are so many swamp tour possibilities and you typically have to book them in advance. I specifically did the Swamp Tour through Cajun Pride Swamp Tours which I booked through the GetYourGuide app. Through Cajun Pride, the Swamp Tour is $27 for an adult ticket if you have your own transportation. If you do not have your own transportation, you can purchase a ticket for $48 online which includes bus pickup and drop-off. Our tour guide was great, and the tour was about 2-hours in length, including the time to get to the swamp and back to town. Cajun Pride provides bus pickup and drop-off to several different points throughout the city that you can schedule ahead of time. During the tour we were able to see so many different alligators, got to hold a baby alligator, and got to watch an alligator feeding!

New Orleans City Park: If you want to escape the city atmosphere for a bit, I highly suggest checking out City Park! There is a lot to do throughout the park including eating at Cafe du Mond, visiting the botanical garden, playing putt putt, checking out story land, or visiting the nearby Art Museum and sculpture area. Even just walking around the park offered a unique experience! This park is also free to enter which is great!

Jackson Square: Jackson Square is a 2.5-acre historical landmark located in the heart of the French Quarter. It is a popular spot for weddings, stage photography, and filming, however, there are also a lot of shops to explore as well!

The French Quarter: This is the city's historic heart, there is so much to do here! The French Quarter is very well known for the vibrant night life (You can't miss Bourbon Street!) The French Quarter features several jazz clubs, eateries, bars, markets, street performers, and neat architecture.

These are just a few suggestions of things you can't miss on your trip to New Orleans, however, this post just touches the surface of all the things to do in the city! Some other suggestions, which I didn't get a chance to try out are: ghost tours / walks, jazz tours, bus tours, the garden district, historic tours, learn about voodoo history, etc. I definitely recommend doing some research before heading to the city!

Thanks for reading, and as always there's always more to be explored!

-nicole elizabeth



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