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San Diego Must Sees

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I have been to San Diego twice now, when I was 20, and when I was 21...both times were equally as amazing, and I got to see new things and go new places both times I went. Both times, I only went for 5-7 days, and there was a lot to pack into those days for sure. Here are some of my favorite San Diego spots!


Balboa Park is a cultural park in San Diego located close to the San Diego Zoo. The park is made up of short walking paths, grassy areas, museums, theaters, gardens, etc. There is so much to do at this park! If I remember correctly, unless you are going to one of the museums or theaters, I believe entrance to the actual park is free if you're just walking around.


I've always loved animals have always enjoyed visiting Zoos, and this is definitely one of my favorite zoos I have ever visited. It was huge, and had such a diversity in animal exhibits. Due to the close proximity to Balboa park, we were able to visit both places in one day. The San Diego Zoo has over 3,500 different animals, and also has interactive shows. This zoo is on the pricier side and costs $58 for a single day adult pass, but in my opinion, was worth it.