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My Airplane Backpack Essentials

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I fly several times a year, and usually only try to fly with a checked back and a personal item. Throughout the years, I have come up with a pretty solid list of airport essentials that I like to keep in my personal item. Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS bring my black JanSport backpack. Most of the stuff I pack are things I bring along for road trips and hikes as well, but for today, I will be going over what I pack for flights!

The first thing I always pack in my backpack is my laptop. I currently have a 2013 MacBook Pro, and have been using this laptop since senior year of high school. I use this for multiple things, whether it's to write a paper for school, watch a movie, charge my phone, etc., my laptop has proven to be one of the most essential things I pack on trips.

Next of course I pack my iPhone, I currently have the iPhone XR. Right now my current phone case is from Casetify. (not sponsored, but their phone cases are by far my favorite) Also, if you have Netflix, I highly recommend downloading movies / tv shows for offline use, especially during long flights...this has been a life saver for me!

That's the extent for electronics, however, I also always make sure to have my iPhone charger, my laptop charger, headphones (yes I still use the ones with a cord), and a portable charger of some sort. My family has random portable chargers always laying around, so I usually just grab one before I go on a trip.

Next I always pack my travel journal, a pen, and a book of some sort. I love reading, and always find it super easy to concentrate on reading during flights. The book I have pictured is A Girl Called Murder ,a book written and self-published by my cousin Kennedy Cannon (shoutout Kennedy).

my favorite color is blue if you can't tell

Since I like to read on flights, I always make sure to pack my glasses because a lot of times if the flight is at night and its darker, or if I'm getting a headache, my glasses help a lot. I also usually pack a pair of sunglasses whether to use them to keep my hair out of my face, or so I have quick access to them when I get off the plane.

A Hairbrush, hair-ties, and bobby pins are always an essential of mine too because I know for me personally, I get tired of having my hair down and like to throw it in a messy bun so its always nice to have those things handy.

My passport is another thing I always keep on hand even if I'm just traveling domestically. Especially now with Real IDs, I'm always worried that for some reason they won't accept my license, so I always keep my passport in my bag as an extra form of ID.

Next, I always keep my wallet in one of the front pockets of my backpack. (This wallet is from WalMart). This is where I keep my my license, debit card, and cash, so I like to have it easily accessible for I'm going through security and when I stop at airport shops to get snacks.