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My Airplane Backpack Essentials

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I fly several times a year, and usually only try to fly with a checked back and a personal item. Throughout the years, I have come up with a pretty solid list of airport essentials that I like to keep in my personal item. Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS bring my black JanSport backpack. Most of the stuff I pack are things I bring along for road trips and hikes as well, but for today, I will be going over what I pack for flights!

The first thing I always pack in my backpack is my laptop. I currently have a 2013 MacBook Pro, and have been using this laptop since senior year of high school. I use this for multiple things, whether it's to write a paper for school, watch a movie, charge my phone, etc., my laptop has proven to be one of the most essential things I pack on trips.

Next of course I pack my iPhone, I currently have the iPhone XR. Right now my current phone case is from Casetify. (not sponsored, but their phone cases are by far my favorite) Also, if you have Netflix, I highly recommend downloading movies / tv shows for offline use, especially during long flights...this has been a life saver for me!

That's the extent for electronics, however, I also always make sure to have my iPhone charger, my laptop charger, headphones (yes I still use the ones with a cord), and a portable charger of some sort. My family has random portable chargers always laying around, so I usually just grab one before I go on a trip.

Next I always pack my travel journal, a pen, and a book of some sort. I love reading, and always find it super easy to concentrate on reading during flights. The book I have pictured is A Girl Called Murder ,a book written and self-published by my cousin Kennedy Cannon (shoutout Kennedy).

my favorite color is blue if you can't tell

Since I like to read on flights, I always make sure to pack my glasses because a lot of times if the flight is at night and its darker, or if I'm getting a headache, my glasses help a lot. I also usually pack a pair of sunglasses whether to use them to keep my hair out of my face, or so I have quick access to them when I get off the plane.

A Hairbrush, hair-ties, and bobby pins are always an essential of mine too because I know for me personally, I get tired of having my hair down and like to throw it in a messy bun so its always nice to have those things handy.

My passport is another thing I always keep on hand even if I'm just traveling domestically. Especially now with Real IDs, I'm always worried that for some reason they won't accept my license, so I always keep my passport in my bag as an extra form of ID.

Next, I always keep my wallet in one of the front pockets of my backpack. (This wallet is from WalMart). This is where I keep my my license, debit card, and cash, so I like to have it easily accessible for I'm going through security and when I stop at airport shops to get snacks.

A water bottle of some sort is also another important essential of mine. Obviously I bring an empty water bottle, and fill it up once I get past security, but that saves me from buying a $7 airport water bottle. My current go-to water bottles are my hydroflasks. I absolutely love these water bottles, and they are definitely the best at keeping water cold out of any water bottle I have tried in the past.

Lastly, I have three miscellaneous items: my fidget spinner, hand sanitizer, and my mask. I have multiple fidget spinners, and have always keep one in my backpack and in my purse. I also always keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer of some sort, which is especially important right now. It's always nice to have something like that on hand if I accidentally touch something and don't have a chance to make it to the bathroom to wash my hands. Lastly, my mask...this is obviously something newer that I've incorporated into my travel essentials pack, but it is definitely essential. This one is from Mask4Aide and is super lightweight yet protective, and was only $10. (Again not sponsored, I just love their masks)

That is everything that I typically include in my personal item whenever I fly! Of course, depending on where I'm going, some of these things might change, and sometimes I add additional stuff in my personal bag, but for the most part, these are the essentials I always make sure to bring.

Thanks for reading, and remember, there's always more to be explored!

-nicole elizabeth

*Photo taken on my iPhone XR and edited using my own Lightroom preset

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